nser survey online registration

NSER Survey Online Registration

nser survey

Many people in Pakistan are below the poverty line, but they cannot get help from government schemes due to a lack of awareness. So, the government started the NSER Survey to collect data about the people of Pakistan. In this way, the government is spreading awareness and collecting data at the same time to ensure deserving people can benefit from its programs.

What is NSER?

NSER stands for National Socio-Economic Registry. It is the collection of data about lower segments of society to help them through different government programs. This is a survey by the Ehsaas program and BISP to collect accurate demographic data about households in Pakistan.

This survey collects data about the socio-economic status of a number of families. This data includes housing, assets, education, employment, marital, and disability status. They take information about all household members. Through this survey, they assigned a poverty score to families by which the government identifies targeted beneficiaries of different programs.

NSER Survey Online Registration Check:

NSER registration and survey have been working since 2010. After the start of the Benazir Income Support Program, the collection of data about people was necessary to ensure that only deserving people could get financial assistance from government schemes. So, at that time, data from 27 million people were collected.

Firstly, data was collected manually with pen and paper, but with advancements in technology, online registration and surveys have been started. People can check their CNIC at the 8171 web portal. They can also use an SMS service for this. To do this, they have to send their ID card digits to 8171 to check their eligibility.

nser survey online registration

NSER Registration Check By CNIC:

There are two methods to check CNIC for NSER online registration. You can choose any method according to your ease.

Method 1: Ehsaas 8171 web portal is available where an NSER survey online check can be done. After visiting the portal, you will find two fields. In the first field, put your CNIC, and in the second one, put in the verification code displayed in the image.

Method 2: If an internet connection is not available to you, you can still check it through 8171 SMS. For this purpose, please compose a message and write your CNIC digits. After that, could you send it to 8171? You will soon receive a message about your eligibility status from the authorities.

Ehsaas Survey NSER App:

The Android application is available, where you can complete the survey and get the NSER QR code. You can download this app through the NSER App download link given below.

Ehsaas NSER Registration Form:

To complete the survey by NSER, the application form must be filled out. This application form is available at ehsaas registration desks, NSER centers, and the ehsaas One Window program. In this application form, you have to put in your basic information about household members, monthly expenses, disability, etc.

Eligibility Criteria For NSER:

In 2019-20, the government-trained teams collected data about people by visiting door-to-door to complete the survey. To ensure that door the door-to-door survey can be done smoothly, a general awareness campaign was carried out to make them aware of free registration and benefits. In this way, a survey was conducted smoothly.

After the survey has been completed, the government finds who are the most vulnerable families. They have set eligibility criteria to help targeted families. 

  • A poverty score below 30 is required.
  • Don’t be an Income Tax Payer.
  • Must be a citizen of Pakistan.
  • Do not own any car.

Documents Required For NSER Survey:

You need the following documents while taking the survey:

  • A valid CNIC Card.
  • Active Mobile SIM number.
  • Family members certificate.
  • Monthly or annual income certificate


Through this survey, the government can find the people who are in need and are the most deserving people for a particular government program. For this purpose, the government has a huge team that collects data from home to home.

If you have made any mistake while entering your information and credentials, you can update this information by visiting the nearby NSER center or district administration. At these locations, ask to change credentials at the reception desk. They will guide you further.

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