Ehsaas Damen Support Programme

The Damen Support Programme began in 1992 To empower women at the grassroots level. It’s based on an old law from 1860. The main goal is to make women stronger in their own communities. Their team includes experts from a range of fields who have experience working with community groups.

In 1996, they started a small project to provide women with microloans to support their income generation. The Prime Minister’s Youth Development Scheme also has a part that focuses on women’s rights. It says that we should respect every woman, and they should have the same chances for jobs as men.

Damen Support Programme Loan

The Daman Support Scheme extends loans to underprivileged families facing difficulties in meeting their daily necessities. This initiative offers three distinct types of microloans aimed at contributing to play a part in advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Giving people access to financial services helps those who are less fortunate meet their requirements and plays a significant role in the economic growth of the entire country. For this purpose it provides loan upto 150000 Rs for upto 1 year and 6 months duration.

Type of LoanAmount of loanDuration
General loan45,000 – 15000012 – 18 Months
Seosanals50,000 – 1500006 – 12 Months
Shria Based (Islamic)20,000 – 15000012 – 18 Months

Damen Support Programme Objectives:

The Damen Support Program (DSP) is dedicated to uplifting marginalized communities, with a strong focus on empowering women, in order to enhance their economic well-being and self-reliance through inclusive financial services and capacity-building efforts.

At DSP, our primary objectives are as follows:

Social and Economic Empowerment: The core commitment of DSP  is to uplift vulnerable sections in both rural and urban slum areas. We focus on enhancing their income prospects, addressing critical needs, and facilitating sustainable development. This is achieved through initiatives such as micro-credit, vocational training, and community capacity building.

Comprehensive Community Development: DSP strives to facilitate holistic and self-sustaining development within these communities. Our multifaceted poverty alleviation programs target various aspects of their well-being.

Women’s Progress: We are dedicated to advancing women’s development by launching projects that encourage income generation and raise awareness about their legal rights and fundamental entitlements.

Human Resource Support: DSP places a strong emphasis on training and nurturing human resources capable of planning, executing, and supervising development projects and programs.

Damen Support Programme Branches:

The Daman Support Program operates various branches across the country, serving underprivileged individuals in several cities including Lahore, Kasoor, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Daska, Gujranwala, Pasrur, and more. To access a comprehensive list of branches along with their respective phone numbers, please visit the following link: Damen Support Program Branches.

Branch NameBranch AddressCityPhone NumberEmail
Head Office26-C Nawab Town Raiwind Road LahoreLahore042-35310471-2[email protected]
Central Region Lahore23-C Nawab Town Raiwind Road LahoreLahore042-35310471-2[email protected]
Area-01 Niaz Baig23-C Nawab Town Raiwind Road LahoreLahore03109992562[email protected]
Niaz Baig23-C Nawab Town Raiwind Road LahoreLahore03109992506[email protected]
Ali RazaBadOpposite Main Gate Punjab University Employees Housing Society Phase II Main Raiwind Road Lahore.Lahore03008704426[email protected]
Bhola GhariMultan road Saidpur khatam-e-nabuwat station adjacent pak royal hotel.Lahore03228467728[email protected]
ChungChung Karmani road near Asalam Buraf Khana Chung, Multan Road Lahore.Lahore03219496145[email protected]
HallokiCommercial Plot Near ALLAH HO Pharmacy Sher Shah Colony Raiwind Road Lahore.Lahore04235320218[email protected]
KahnaAhlo Road near ALLAH HU  Milk Shop Main Feroz Pur Road Kahna Nau Lahore.Lahore03109992509[email protected]

Damen Support Program Loan Scheme:

Damen support program has also collaborated with government program to provide loans. In April 2023, this program has hand-shaked to Prime Minister’s youth business and agriculture loan scheme to offer interest free loans to individuals and small businesses.

Damen Support Program Helpline:

Although there are various branches of damen support in different cities but head office is located in Lahore. Here is the details of head office.

  • 26-C, Nawab Town, Raiwind Road,
    Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Phone: 0092 (042) 35310471, 0092 (042) 35310472
  • Email: [email protected]


The Damen Support Program is a non-banking microfinance institution operating in Pakistan, with a primary focus on grassroots development, particularly for women. It offers microfinance solutions and equal job prospects to mitigate poverty and advance gender parity in the area.

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