Dar ul Pass Ehsaas Program

Orphan children are indeed the most vulnerable section of any community. They are at risk because they have lost their parents, and no one can think about their future. They need more care than any other individual. Islam also preaches to us to look after orphan children and, in reward, promises to be the partners of the last prophet, Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W in Jannah. 

Dar ul Pass Ehsaas Program is one of the noble initiatives by the government of Pakistan that works for the care of these children. This scheme is controlled by the Benazir Income Support Program, which is responsible for the kafalat of these children. For this purpose, 51 orphanages are working till now. 

Dar ul Pass Ehsaas Program Registration 2023:

Registrations for the Program are available at all the bisp offices. If you find any orphan children aged 4 to 6, you can register these orphan children at any ehsaas program center, bisp center, or Dar-ul-pass Sweet Home orphanages. You must remember that your small kindness can make the lives of these children, so please help them. 

Ehsaas Dar-ul-Pass Program NADRA Check Online:

Ehsaas Darul Pass Program provides shelter to orphan children where they can get all the basic facilities to live a peaceful life. An 8171 web portal is available for the ehsaas Program, where you can check your NADRA CNIC card. You can check your eligibility status for the Program by inputting your ID card number. 

How To Apply For the Dar-ul-Pass Program?

Please follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • First, ask for the application form at ehsaas or bisp centers.
  • Then, fill in the proper information in the form.
  • Attach documents asked for the Program.
  • In the end, hand in the application form at the registration desk.

Program’s Objectives:

The objectives of the Dar-ul-Pass Program are to:

  • Provide better health care and medical facilities to orphan girls and boys.
  • Focus on a better environment where orphans feel safer.
  • Bear the expenses of these children.
  • Provide Educational facilities to orphan girls and boys.

Documents Required For Dar-ul-Pass Ehsaan Program:

Documents are crucial for confirming the applicant’s eligibility status. To register for the Program, you need these essential documents:

  • Applicant’s Birth Certificate.
  • Applicant’s father’s death certificate.
  • Other verification documents may be asked for. 

Facilities Provided By Darul Pass Program:

Through the Dar ul Pass ehsaas program, the government takes responsibility for the orphan children and provides accommodation, educational, and medical facilities to these children. The details are given below:

 Accommodation and Clothes: The government provides a safer place for these children to get good clothes. 

Medical and Education: The Program covers all the medical and educational facilities. The government takes all expenses of their school and college. BISP also ensures medical assistance for their good health. 

Sports and Activities: Sweet homes or orphanages under the Program offer a good, active environment by facilitating sports and other activities.


  • Children must be orphans.
  • The age limit is 4 to 6 years.
  • Orphan children should belong to low-income families.

There are almost 51 sweet homes or orphanages in Pakistan under Dar ul Pass Program. There are other government as well as private orphanages present in Pakistan for the welfare of orphan boys and girls.


Dar ul Pass Ehsaas Program, a good initiative by the government of Pakistan, offers safe shelters to orphan girls and boys of 4-6 years. The government shelters them and offers all facilities for a good living, including education and medical facilities. The government is expanding this program to help more and more children.

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