BISP waseela e taleem

BISP Waseela e Taleem Program

BISP waseela e taleem

Education is like a strong pillar supporting a country’s growth. It’s crucial that all kids, no matter their family’s money situation, can learn equally. It is a sad reality in our country that a substantial number of children from financially struggling families cannot access the education they need. That’s the reason the government created the BISP Waseela e taleem program so that children from families with less money can go to school and learn.

Operating as a conditional cash transfer, the Waseela-e-Taleem program offers quarterly stipends to students by promoting attendance and discouraging school dropouts. This program enables poor students to complete their education by supporting them financially with the help of an educational stipend.

BISP Waseela e taleem Registration 2024:

Registration for the Ehsaas Waseela Taleem program has been started to help more students get an education for free. The registration process for the program has been simplified for the sake of convenience of rural people especially. Through this program, the government is trying to help a number of students to continue their education without any discomfort.

The government has made a significant step so that even the women who are already enrolled in the bisp kafalat program can register their children in the Waseela e taleem program. This step was taken to help families who lack the financial means to support their children’s education. In this article, you will find a wealth of information about the Waseela-e-Taleem program registration.

BISP Waseela e taleem Online Application Form:

Anyone who wants to apply for the BISP waseel-e-taleem scheme to get financial help for their education can get an application form at the BISP tehsil office. This form requires basic information like the Student’s name, father’s name, father’s CNIC number,  class standard, and other such details. Please fill out this form accurately to confirm your enrollment.

Required Documents For Waseela-e-taleem:

Documents which are required to get an education stipend from this government scheme are the following:

  • B-form of the Student.
  • Application form of school admission.
  • A valid CNIC of the Student’s father.
  • Complete home address.
  • Principal’s signature.
bisp waseela-e-taleem proggram required documents

Eligibility Criteria:

The criteria for eligibility under a specific program ensure that only those individuals should be benefited who are deserving. Based on this, the authorities have set the following eligibility criteria for the bisp waseela e taleem program:

  • Children of marginalised families.
  • Children of BISP Registered families.
  • For primary education, the age limit for students is 4-12 years.
  • For secondary education, the age limit for students is 8-18 years.
  • For higher secondary education, the age limit for students is 13-22 years.

Registration Through Waseela e Taleem App:

To make the registration process quicker and simpler, the government has launched an application software for ehsaas waseela-e-taleem program. After downloading and installing the app, make your account and check your eligibility in the app. You can enroll in the program by following the registration process given below.

BISP waseela e taleem app registration

Application Process For BISP Waseela e taleem:

Here is the step-by-step process to register via the app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and search for waseela e taleem app.
  2. Download and install the official app.
  3. Opening the app, the “log in/register” section will appear.
  4. For those who have already created an account, simply click on “log in” and put your mother’s CNIC.
  5. If you’re new, click on the “register” and make your account.
  6. Then, provide your mother’s full name, CNIC, and an active number to register.
  7. To complete the verification process, check your mobile device for the OTP sent to you.
  8. The next screen will display your login details; click “O.K.” to proceed.
  9. The next step is the student self-enrollment section.
  10. Put the b-form or CNIC of the Student in two bars.
  11. Then, put the information like the Student’s name, date of birth, gender, and disability (if any).
  12. Finally, put the EMIC code of the school to complete the registration process.

Ehsaas Waseela e Taleem Stipend:

The government has started this program to provide a stipend to the students belonging to a poor family. You will get the stipend on a quarterly basis if you have 70% attendance in the school. The stipend amount is different for primary, secondary and higher secondary education levels.

Moreover, the girls get a higher stipend than the boys at each educational level. This step is taken to promote the education of a girl because equal education is very important for all genders in a nation, but in our country, the education rate of girls is somewhat low. Therefore, the girls also get a one-time graduation bonus of Rs 3000.

Advantages of Waseela e Taleem Program:

There are the following advantages of joining this scheme for students:

To Increase the Number Of Enrollments:

There are many programs and schemes by the Ehsaas program and bisp like the Zewar e Taleem program and many more. This scheme is launched to expand the number of enrolments in educational schemes by the government. This is really a good step in the promotion of education throughout the country.

To Reduce Poverty Level:

Education is the major thing that helps in the alleviation of poverty in the country.. The better-educated nation brings more resources to increase the per capita amount, it leads to the economic development of the country. 

Women Empowerment:

Waseela-e-Taleem program plays a pivotal role in empowering women. The program provides equal enrolment to the girls so that they can get an equal education. Moreover, they get a higher amount of stipend, and they also get a graduation bonus.

Better Education:

One of the key aims of this initiative is to bring better quality education to the nation. The program encourages the schools to increase the standard of education. The government aims to boost the literacy rate through the Waseela-e-Taleem program.

Final Words:

BISP Waseela e taleem program was initiated to help poor students get their education by providing a stipend. The boys and girls are equally eligible to get this stipend help from the government. The BISP-enrolled women’s children can also register in this program without any discrimination. Please visit the nearest Bisp office to register for the program.

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