5566 Utility Store

5566 utility store

In this time when prices are going up, it’s getting hard for poor people to buy food every day. They don’t have much money, and it’s tough for them to afford meals twice a day. Shahbaz Sharif, former Prime Minister, initiated a rashan relief package known as the 5566 Rashan Package. Millions of people are getting this rashan subsidy through 5566 utility stores.

To get benefits from the scheme, you only need one-time registration in the program. You will receive a one-time password; then, you can buy your ration from utility stores with a subsidized amount. Through this program, the Government is providing a special discount on flour, rice, ghee, oil, pulses, and other grocery items.

What Is 5566 Utility Store?

These utility stores are actually grocery or karyana stores that are under the control of the Government. You can buy grocery items from this store at a discounted price. Anyone who is registered is not can get the BISP Rashan Package at a lower price; however, registered individuals get a higher discount.

5566 Utility Store Registration:

The Government has started this social welfare program throughout the country to help people afford rashan easily. The registration process has been structured for simplicity to ensure that you can get the groceries without any discomfort. Moreover, you don’t need to visit any BISP technical office to enroll in the program.

They have designed an SMS registration system by which you can be able to get a ration at a more discounted price. For this, you only need to send your identity card number to 5566. After that, you will receive an OTP (one-time password). Now, you have to show this OTP to utility store management, and you will be registered for the program.

5566 Web Portal Check Online By CNIC:

Besides SMS service, they also developed a dedicated 8171 web portal to make registration more accessible. In this web portal, you can apply for a utility store ration package by filling in the desired fields. In the first field, put your CNIC digits, while the second field requires a verification code for successful registration.

If you’re already a part of the BISP Kafalat Program, there’s no need for you to sign up again. You can leverage reduced grocery rates for additional savings without going through the registration process once more. This initiative aims to make everyday food and grocery items more affordable for BISP recipients.

5566 Utility Store App Download:

Utility Store Corporation has also developed an application where you can get subsidies on certain products like atta, daal, chawal, and many more. Upon adding items to the cart, you’ll need to input your CNIC information to get a discount. If you want to download this app, hit the button given below.

Utility Store 5566 Rashan Program:

The corporation has set up hundreds of utility stores throughout Pakistan which provide rashan relief to all Pakistanis without any specific priorities. However, BISP beneficiaries have a bonus of special discounts. Moreover, big cities in Pakistan have multiple utility stores which are available to serve people.

BISP beneficiaries are those people who have no resources to live a better life; this is the reason the Government has provided them with special discounts on grocery items. They can get a 40kg bag of flour for only 400 Rs once time in a month. They can also enjoy special discounts on many other goods like pulses, oil, ghee, sugar, and many more.

Food ItemPackingSubsidized AmountMonthly Limit
Flour (آٹا)10 kgRs. 40040 Kg
Sugar (چینی)Per KgRs. 705 Kg
Ghee (گھی)Per KgRs. 3005 Kg
Pulses (دالیں)Per Kg20 Rupees Discount
Rice (چاول)Per Kg20 Rupees Discount

Besides the fact that BISP recipients get special prices on all ration items, utility store 5566 is not limited to these BISP beneficiaries only; any citizen of Pakistan can avail of somewhat discounted prices than the market prices at these stores. We have mentioned the discount prices for both groups, but these prices can be changed with time.

Food ItemPackingSubsidized AmountMonthly Limit
Flour (آٹا)Per kgRs. 4040 Kg
Sugar (چینی)Per KgRs. 705 Kg
Ghee (گھی)Per KgRs. 3005 Kg
Pulses (دالیں)Per Kg10 Rupees Discount
Rice (چاول)Per Kg10 Rupees Discount

Utility Store 5566 Application Process:

Here is the complete step-by-step process by which you can register for the program and avail benefits of the Ehsaas 5566 Rashan Program Package:

  • First of all, please visit the official website: https://usc.org.pk/.
  • Then, open the 5566 Rashan tab and click “Online Registration.”
  • Make sure to provide accurate personal details on the application form.
  • After providing information, click submit button.
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation message on your phone number.
  • You will also receive all instructions to avail of the Rashan subsidy via message.

Ehsaas 5566 Rashan Scheme QR code:

When registering for the 5566 Rashan subsidy at the 5566 utility store, you’ll need a QR code. It’s like a quick-response barcode with black squares on a white grid. There are two QR codes, one for the shopkeeper and another for customers applying for the program.

ehsaas rashan riyat qr code
5566 utility store qr code for karyana merchant

How To Open A Utility Store?

If you’re thinking about opening your utility store, it’s essential to go through the terms and conditions set by USC. They ask for a Rs 5000/- registration fee and a refundable security deposit of Rs 30,000. Once you’ve got the Franchise License approval, you can go ahead and submit these fees. 

What’s interesting is that USC permits you to set up your store within a 0.5-kilometer distance in a union council. So, make sure you’re aware of the rules and regulations before taking this step to start your utility store.

Eligible Individuals For Rashan Subsidy Package:

Eligible individuals for the program are following:

  • BISP beneficiaries.
  • Individuals with a low poverty score.
  • Daily wagers and laborers.
  • All other citizens can also get somewhat discounted prices.

Required Documents:

The following documents and other credentials are required to apply for the scheme.

  • A valid CNIC number.
  • Personal Phone number.
  • Basic Personal information.
  • OTP sent by authorities.

Utility Store Helpline:

If you have any complaints regarding the scheme or you want to ask for any information, you can contact the corporation by the following numbers.

  • Complaint Number: 0800-05590
  • Contact Phone: 051-111-123-570


Utility store 5566 code is “5566,” but you can get your one-time password (OTP) while buying Rashan. You are required to show this OTP to the shopkeeper.

Final Words:

5566 Utility stores in Pakistan are the Government Kirana shops that provide grocery items at lower prices. All Pakistanis can avail of goods at subsidized amounts, but there is a special discounted price for essays and BISP beneficiaries. You can get the essential items by verifying an OTP to the shopkeeper.

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