ehsaas langar program

Ehsaas langar program

ehsaas langar program

What is ehsaas langar program:

Ehsaas langar program is a noble initiative launched under the koi bhooka na soya scheme*. After the PTI government came into power, Prime Minister Imran Khan started this program in 2019 to reduce the hunger of people experiencing poverty. Under this scheme, laborers and daily workers can get food for free.

On the 7th of October, 2019, the first langar khana was opened and inaugurated near Faizabad bus station in Islamabad. The prime minister of that time, Imran Khan, also ate food with common people and approved the quality of the food. About 800 people ate food with Imran Khan on the first day of Langar Khana.

After the opening of the first langar khana, 33 more langar khana were established throughout the country. With the progress of time, about 112 ehsaas langar prograam khana was based within 2 years. The program set its target of 1200 langar in 2021 for the scheme of no poverty and zero hunger.

Ehsaas langar program online registration:

There is not any complication for ehsas langar program registration online 2023. To register, you only need ehsas langar program app on your mobile phone. This article will cover all the necessary details about how to apply for the Ehsaas Langar program.

If you have no mobile phone with you, don’t worry at all. It would be best if you visited Langar Khana without any hesitation. Ehsaas Langar’s team is very cooperative, and You can count on their support during registration. Manual registration may vary from region to region, and for this, you only need to cooperate with relevant authorities.

Ehsaas langar program App download:

ehsaas langar program app

To apply for the language program, one needs to download the app. Here, we are providing you with the download link. To get the app, all you need to do is click on the “download now” button.. Indeed, it’s a straightforward process, as you can observe.

How to use the Ehsaas Langar Khana Program App?

Follow these step-by-step processes to use the ehsaas program app:

  1. Download the app from the above link

  2. Launch the app, and then tap or select the “information” tab.

  3. Choose your district from the districts list.

  4.  Two options will appear: “ehsaas langar khana” and “ehsaas panahgah.” Click on “ehsaas langar khana”.

  5. Decide which nearby langar khana you’d like from the list. They are usually built near bus stations and hospitals.

  6. Then, you will see all information regarding your nearby langar khana, like trust name, meal timing, contact number, management, and address.

  7. Apply for registration: When you open the app, you will see the “registration” tab. Click it and register yourself for free registration.

Ehsaas langar Khana program near me:

 By following the above process from steps 1 to 6, you will get information about your nearby ehsaas langar khana. You will see the address in the mobile app; copy that address and paste it into Google Maps. The map will lead you toward your destination. Now you can get free food for two times a day.

Ehsaas Langar Program Objectives:

The primary objective of this very noble initiative is to provide food with good nutrition to everyone. Whether you are a passenger, the poor, a daily wager, or a laborer, you can get free food to feed yourself. The government aims to provide food and reduce poverty by launching this scheme. If you are a pregnant woman, you can also apply for the ehsaas nashonuma program*.

Ehsaas Langar Program Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the ehsas langar program are not available officially. It depends upon local implementation to access free food. However, the program aims to cover all the vulnerable groups and underprivileged segments of society. These also include homeless individuals and those who can’t afford meals.

If you are looking for eligibility criteria for the program, then you must contact the relevant authorities of your nearby langar khana. Here are some people who can get food from any langar khana.

  • Labourers.
  • Daily wagers.
  • Passengers.
  • Homeless persons.
  • Caretakers of the patient.
  • Anybody who can’t afford a meal.

Ehsaas Langar Program Meal List/ Menu:

Different regions of Pakistan like different food. So, the exact determination of the menu is not possible. The ehsaas program scheme’s purpose is to provide nutritious and fresh food to its beneficiaries. Here is some common food available in almost all langar khanas.

  • Roti or flatbread.
  • Rice.
  • Daal and other lentils.
  • Vegetables 
  • Meat (chicken, mutton, or beef).

Ehsaas Langar Program Helpline number and timing:

Any type of information, including the contact number and timing of the langar khana, can be known by visiting the ehsaas langar app. Just select your nearby ehsaas langar khana and get your desired information. Moreover, free food is provided at all times, but lunch is from 12 am to 2 pm, and dinner is from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Ehsaas Langar Policy:

 The Ehsaas Langar Policy stands as a vital component within the Ehsaas framework, particularly in its safety net initiatives. This policy operates through a dynamic public-private partnership model, wherein private charitable organizations and trusts are encouraged and aided in running the Ehsaas Langar Scheme. The government extends its support to these private social welfare entities in three fundamental ways.

  • Firstly, the government offers logistical support to help welfare organizations in establishing langars where they are most needed.
  • Secondly, the government supports only when there are satisfactory quality and safety standards.
  • Lastly, it places a strong emphasis on disseminating the information widely.


Yes, usually sweet dishes are served at ehsaas langar program, depending mainly on location. Available sweet dishes are kheer, sheer khurma, and siwaya, etc.

Yes, ehsaas langar is available 24/7. You have the flexibility to visit it on any day of the week.

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