BISP Gov Pk Application Form

Benazir Income Support Program has restarted the www bisp gov pk application form for those who have missed the previous registration phase. Application form for bisp is now available online and at all bisp tehsil offices. You can become part of the program by submitting the form below or visiting the official website of bisp.

BISP Gov Pk Application Form New Update:

In this program, families who have already registered are receiving money payments. It’s a simple process to receive the money. If your family hasn’t received cash yet, please visit the bisp office in your city. There you will get the bisp gov pk application form. Provide your basic information as asked in the form and then submit it.

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Families already registered in the previous phase can’t register because the government ensures that every eligible family can benefit from the program. BISP has started sending 9000 Rs to poor families to fulfill their basic needs and help them live better.

Bisp gov pk Check Balance:

Great news! The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has begun distributing quarterly installments. The government has already transferred 9000 Rupees to families who have successfully registered in the previous phase. If you haven’t yet obtained this amount or received a notification from 8171, you can easily monitor your BISP balance by visiting the official BISP Government website, ‘Bisp Gov Pk.’

Follow these steps to check your balance:

  • Visit the “Bisp Gov Pk” website.
  • Please fill in the form with your registered CNIC number.
  • Enter the verification code that the image displays.
  • Click the “find” button.
  • Shortly, you’ll get a confirmation message about your financial assistance.

How to register for BISP through BISP Gov Pk?

Due to the inflationary pressure, the Pakistani government is reestablishing a user-friendly and easily accessible BISP registration procedure. They’ve provided a “Www Bisp gov pk Application Form” to allow people to register comfortably.

To register and benefit from the BISP program, carry out these basic guidelines:

  1. Start by visiting the official Bisp website.
  2. On the website, you’ll find an application form. Fill out the form by providing your CNIC number and entering the code from the image.
  3. Once you’ve completed the form, click on “submit” to transmit your application.
  4. You’ll soon get a message regarding your eligibility status.
  5. If you qualify for the program, visit the BISP cash center closest to you to receive your payment.

They sometimes ask you to complete an NSER survey to ensure your eligibility. For this purpose, take all your essential documents and move toward the NSER survey desk at the bisp offices. In the survey, they will ask random questions to check if you are eligible for the program or not. This step guarantees that exclusively qualified individuals can get financial aid.

8171 BISP Gov Pk Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the BISP scheme, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must belong to the poor and deserving category.
  • You should have a minimal monthly income, especially without business.
  • You should not be a government employee.
  • You should not possess land or its equivalent.
  • You must not be an annual income taxpayer.


The SMS code for BISP is 8171. To check if you are eligible, you can check by sending your CNIC number to BISP SMS code “8171”.

These are random questions, but most are related to your economic or financial condition, like your source of income, monthly income, family members, expenses, and many more. These questions are asked to check your eligibility for the program


The BISP gov pk application form is currently accessible for online registration in the 8171 bisp program. The new phase for registration will cover more families not already registered in the program. You can get these application forms at bisp offices and on the website. Please use the comments section for any queries you may have.

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