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In 2020, the Pakistani Government launched an online platform, the 8171 web portal, under the ehsaas program. The purpose of this program is to deliver financial assistance to low-income families and individuals in underdeveloped districts. 8171 check online 2024 portal allows these targeted families and individuals to register in the various programs under Benazir ehsaas program.

For those unfamiliar with the system, understanding how to utilize the system and successfully register for the cash assistance program is crucial. Whether these people want to get information about their eligibility or navigate the registration process, this article aims all the inquiries to guide them in a better way.

Ehsaas 8171 check online 25000 Registration:

The primary objective of the Ehsaas program, particularly the 8171 Check Online 2024 initiative, is to streamline the process of checking eligibility and registration. During the tenure of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, this program was started to help the people of Pakistan through different cash programs like Rs 25000 bisp and 14000 Rs Kafalat Program.

To see if you qualify, the government has introduced a new code for checking online, known as 8171. If you’re inquiring about your eligibility, send your valid ID card to 8171. Just make sure your ID card is still valid; if it’s expired, go to your nearest Nadra office to renew it before you apply.

Ehsaas 8171 Check Online 2024 Registration Form:

If you have not enrolled for ehsaas program till now, still there is a chance for you to get 25000 Rs from the government of Pakistan. To achieve this goal, make a visit to your nearest Ehsaas center or bisp tehsil office. You will get a registration form at the registration desk. Fill in that form with accurate details to ensure your successful registration.

How To Fill Ehsaas 8171 Registration Form:

To be eligible for the program, filling registration form correctly is essential. If you have put the wrong information in the registration form, there is a great chance of failure to enroll in the initiative. Moreover, there can be serious legal action taken against you.

Be mindful that all the information you provide is original and related to yourself. The second thing to remember is that you should attach a copy of original documents that are valid and not have expired. Your provided information should match with your supported documents.

 8171 Check Online 2024 – Check Eligibility :

Web portal 8171 was built to check whether you are eligible for the Ehsaas program or not. There are two methods available through which you can check your eligibility. We will cover both methods but you can choose any methods which suits you. 

Through SMS By Mobile SIM:

If you have not the facility of internet or you are not comfortable with using internet, you can use SMS service to check your eligibility for the program. Please follow these steps given below.

  • Access your SMS inbox on your device.
  • Next, please compose a new message.
  • Type your CNIC digits in the message section.
  • Ensure that your SIM should be registered with that particular CNIC.
  • In the last, please send it to 8171.

Please consider that while using the SMS service to check your eligibility, there can be a delay in receiving your eligibility status. It can take up to 24 hours. If you have not received your message yet, please get help from the ehsaas program’s helpline number.

Through 8171 web portal:

If you have an internet facility available, you can check your eligibility through a web portal. Here is the complete detail on how to check your eligibility through 8171 portal:

  • First of all, please visit the 8171 web portal.
  • There you will find two fields displayed on the screen.
  • In the first field or box, put your identity card digits.
  • In the second field, put the verification code displayed in the image.
  • Then, hit the button to reveal your outcome.

Ehsaas 8171 NSER New Update:

According to the new update, you will have to complete the NSER Survey before registering for the ehsaas program. To complete your NSER survey move toward your closest NSER center. There they will provide a form that you have to fill out. Moreover, they can ask some questions about your house, family members, monthly salary etc.

Ehsaas 8171 Check Onile 2024 Complaints Tracking:

The Complaint Tracking platform for the Ehsaas program is designed to simplify reporting and assistance for various issues. Whether it’s a computer glitch or concerns about receiving the correct amount of money, this platform aims to address problems and enhance the overall ease of the Ehsaas program.

For concerns with the 8171 Check Online 2024, use the Ehsaas Complaint Tracking system at “ehsaas tracking 8171” or 8171 validation.bisp.gov.pk. If you face difficulties, download a complaint form to specify issues like fingerprint problems, workers seeking extra money, or incomplete payments.

Ehsaas 8171 Control Room Whatsapp Number:

Federal Minister and Head of Ehsaas program, Shazia Munir has introduced a new way where you can make any complaint or take any guidance for the program. Now you can contact the Ehsaas support team on your WhatsApp too. This step was taken to ensure a crystal clear and error-free system. Here are the WhatsApp numbers for all provinces.

Punjab – 0325- 536 5520

Sindh – 0325 – 536 5473

Balochistan – 0325- 5365 467

KPK,AJK, Gilgit Baltistan – 0325 5365 467


There are two methods to check eligibility for BISP registration by cnic 8171. Feel free to choose any method that suits your comfort. These methods are the following:

  1. Send your CNIC TO 8171 via SMS.
  2. Access the 8171 web portal and provide your CNIC details.

To check your eligibility, you only need your CNIC. While checking eligibility via SMS ensure that your SIM is registered with that particular CNIC.


8171 check online 2024 is the best way to find whether you are eligible for ehsaas program initiatives or not. In this article, we have covered all the methods by which you can check your eligibility. Checking eligibility via SMS can be best if you have no internet; otherwise, you can use 8171 web portal to get your eligibility status.

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