Ehsaas Rehribaan Program

Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program

Ehsaas Rehribaan Program

It’s tough to see our beloved Pakistan going through challenging times. During this crisis, the government is working hard to help the less fortunate. The former prime minister initiated the “Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program” to empower people with low incomes to earn a living. Let’s explore what this program is all about.

What is the Ehsaas Rehri Baan program?

The PTI government introduced the Ehsaas Rehri baan program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative aims to uplift street vendors by increasing their income, allowing them to provide better for themselves and their families. This positive step stands out as a unique support for the lower segment, unmatched by previous governments.

Under the program, the government can give loans without any interest to deserving vendors. The loan given to these street vendors is up to PKR 100,000, which is distributed through the National Bank of Pakistan and other microfinance banks like u-Microfinance, Mobilink Microfinance, and Apna Microfinance banks.

The returning system of loans can be set according to the will of these vendors. These rehri baan can return their loan in easy installments, which are PKR 2000 per month. This poverty alleviation scheme can do much for low-income individuals as well as economic development of the country. 

Ehsaas Rehribaan Program Punjab:

The scheme was initiated at sector G-10 and G-11 Markaz in Islamabad. It is a limitation of the program that it is only applied in the federal city Islamabad. Imran Khan, chairman of PTI, has promised that he will launch this initiative in all the provinces of Pakistan after coming to power. In this way, more people can benefit from this scheme launched under the Ehsaas program.

Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program Training:

Besides providing financial aid to the street vendors, the government also provided training sessions and opportunities for capacity-building for the rehribaans. The government gave sessions on business management training as well as marketing skills to improve the vendors’ ability to grow their business and increase their success rate. You can learn more about this program by following the video.

Ehsaas Rehriban Program Online Apply:

Before this program was launched, vendors had to face many challenges in the business. These include the destruction of carts(rehri) and backbone-breaking fines by CPA and IDA. Then, the PTI government came forward and initiated this scheme to provide licenses to these vendors so no one could demand money from them or destroy their carts.

Ehsaas Rehri baan Program Online Registration:

Imran Khan started a noble scheme to help the vendors grow with society. To enroll in the program, you can personally visit the Ehsaas Center located in Islamabad. They may require your CNIC and business address. Provide other documents as required and coordinate with the local authority. Dr. Sania Nishtar also visited G-11 Markaz to check rehribans.

Ehsaas Rehri baan- A Relief For Vendors:

The Ehsaas Rehri Ban program is designated to provide great relief for Islamabad’s street vendors. The program protects them from the destruction of carts and high fines by assigning them licenses. They also get a loan to expand their business. Dr. Sania Nishtar said that this program aimed to produce an enabling environment for rehribans. 

Moreover, professional training in cooking was also given to the vendors who sell cooking items like Samosa, Pakora, Fruitchat, Chicken Shawarma, Daal Chawal, and many more. So, they can cook proper enchanting food and sell it to their customers. Indeed, this program is a noble relief for the ehsaas Rehriban.

Recent Incident About Ehsaas Rehriban Program:

Things didn’t go well about Ehsaas rehri baan initiative when PM Shahbaz Sharif was in charge in Islamabad. Imran Khan, a caring leader deeply dedicated to helping the lower segment in Pakistan, expressed his disappointment with how the project was handled. His reaction truly showed his sincere concern for society’s underprivileged.

In a recent tweet, former Prime Minister Imran Khan brought attention to a regrettable incident during Shahbaz Sharif’s tenure, where a vendor’s cart was wrecked. Dr. Sania Nishtar, a notable personality in the government, firmly pledged to repair the cart when their administration takes over. This issue was thoroughly discussed within the committee overseeing the Ehsaas Rehri Baan project. In simpler terms, they’re determined to fix what went wrong in the past.

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The registered and eligible vendors get licenses and interest-free loans to work more efficiently. The government also provides different training skills to help rehribans to increase their business to the next level.

Vendors in Islamabad who meet eligibility criteria set by the federal government and ensure hygiene and safety standards are eligible for this initiative.



In summary, the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program in Islamabad empowers street vendors by offering interest-free loans, licenses, and valuable training. This initiative uplifts vendors, protects their businesses, and contributes to economic development. Eligible vendors benefit from this program, with potential expansion to other provinces, creating positive change for those in need.

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