nayee zindagi program

Nayee Zindagi Program

Punjab Social Protection Authority(PSPSA) provides social safety nets and plays a crucial role in providing financial aid to vulnerable individuals. PSPA has initiated a program called Nayee Zindagi Program under the Ehsaas Program to support victims of acid attacks. A worth of 200 million rupees has been allocated for this program.

nayee zindagi program

What is Nayee Zindagi Program 2023:

The Nayee Zindagi program is a scheme that provides a new life to the acid-attacked victims. These people, mostly women, are vulnerable and need help in their treatment. The government gives PKR 10 lac to such people for their treatment and financial support. The Punjab Chief Minister has performed a great role in this program.

The program gives social safety, medical care, and financial support to individuals who are the victims of acid attacks. Through this program, it shows the concern of the government for these people. Moreover, these people can also apply for interest-free loan programs to support themselves for a better living.

Objectives of Nayee Zindagi Program:

The Ehsaas Nayi Zindagi program has been established with the noble purpose of helping vulnerable individuals who are affected by acid attacks. The program has been established to accomplish the following aims and objectives:

  • To Provide Medical Care to the victims, like skin treatment.
  • To Give financial support of PKR 1 Million to the victim.
  • To Offer social safety to the victims.
  • To Provide Psychological Treatment for their psychological problems.
  • To Reduce the vulnerability of acid-attacked victims.

Ehsaas Nayee Zindagi Program Registration:

Punjab Social Protection Authority PSPA aims to provide social safety nets throughout the province. It has launched a program called Nayee Zindagi Prograam, a part of the Ehsaas Program. For registration, you need to visit a nearby PSPA office or apply online through the PSPA website.

nayee zindagi program registration

Nayee Zindagi Program Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the program, an individual must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Individual must be a victim of acid attack.
  • Individuals should have a valid CNIC.
  • The individual should have an FIR registered in connection with the acid attack incident.
eligibility criteria for nayee zindagi program

Ehsaas Nayee Zindagi Program Hospital List:

Skin treatment processes like plastic surgery and skin grafting are costly. Still, the government has made it possible for the victims of acid attacks to get these medical facilities without any cost. The eligible individuals can go to special hospitals to get medical facilities for free. The program covers the following hospitals.

  • Burn unit, Jinnah Hospital Lahore
  • Burn unit, Moyo Hospital Lahore
  • Burn unit, Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur
  • Burn unit, Nishtar Hospital Multan
  • Burn unit, Allied Hospital Faisalabad
  • Burn unit, Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi

Facilities Provided To Acid Attack Victims:

The government takes all the responsibilities for the uplifting of the victims of acid attacks. Recently, Chief Minister Punjab showed his concern for the rehabilitation of the survivors and also allocated about 2 crore rupees for this program. The facilities provided to the victims under the program are:

  • Financial support of PKR 10 lac.
  • Medical Treatments.
  • Psychological Therapy.
  • Social Integration.
  • Professional Skills to support themselves.

Rehabilitation Process:

The rehabilitation process is very crucial for acid attack victims; on the other hand, it is a complex and challenging procedure. To support survivors effectively, we must consider their physical, psychological, social, and economic well-being through a holistic approach.

Physical Rehabilitation:

Immediate medical attention is the first step in the rehabilitation process. In this step, skin treatment, plastic surgery, and physical therapy may considered.

Psychological Rehabilitation:

Psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and low self-esteem, are common among the victims of acid attacks. Psychological rehabilitation can help survivors to cope with these issues.

Social Rehabilitation:

Acid attack survivors frequently encounter social difficulties, such as prejudice and discrimination. Social rehabilitation is necessary for them because it can ensure their reintegration into society. It involves support groups, counseling, and training in social skills.

Economic Rehabilitation:

Acid attack victims frequently face job and income loss due to the attack. To assist them in regaining their financial stability, economic rehabilitation measures such as vocational training, microfinance loans, and job placement aid can be provided.


The following documents are required for the program:

  • A valid CNIC.
  • A copy of the registered FIR.
  • A medical certificate ensuring acid attack.

If you are eligible for the program, you can receive Rs 10 lakh from the government as financial aid.


The Nayee Zindagi Program is a commendable program by PSPA to provide medical, psychological, and economic rehabilitation to acid attack victims. Through this program, survivors have successfully reconstructed their lives and seamlessly reintegrated into society. If you know any victim of acid attack, help him/her enroll in the program.

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