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Pregnant and nursing mothers and children need the adequate care and nourishment to ensure good health. The early months of a baby’s life are vital for their development. Nevertheless, there is a need for greater access to such care in specific districts of Pakistan. That’s where the Aghosh program comes in. It offers financial support and practical help to these families. This program also gives them access to medical care and free counseling sessions for the mothers.

What Is the Aghosh Program? 

Ehsaas Aghosh is a conditional cash transfer program by the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project. This program was launched to provide nutritional facilities to newborns and their mothers. So, the program aims to cover families who can’t afford good, nutritious food and medical facilities for pregnant or lactating women and babies.

The initial months are vital for the healthy development of a baby, whether it’s a boy or a girl. To improve their nutrition, the government is helping them with a cash transfer of 17000 Rs in installments. In this way, prenatal and postnatal care can be done smoothly. The program is currently available in 11 districts of Pakistan where the nutritional growth rate is lower than the average.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program Registration 2023:

The registration for the program is implemented in 11 districts, especially South Punjab. In these districts, 564,000 families have benefited through this initiative. They are getting financial assistance and medical support by registering for the program. Moreover, their family members are also trained and educated about caring for mothers before and after delivery.

The program can be registered at the Basic Health Unit (BHU). Pregnant women are required to visit these units along with their CNIC. The staff will get data about the credentials of the women. After that, Biometric Verification will be done. After their eligibility, she will receive a confirmatory message, and now she can get financial aid.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program 17000 Online Apply 2023:

To get help from the Aghosh Nashonuma Program, pregnant women must go to BHU, where the staff is present to help them apply for the Aghosh program. In this regard, you must provide your CNIC and other essential information. After this, you will receive a confirmatory message at your SIM number. At last, you can receive your cash installment through HBL Konnect.

Benefits and Facilities Of Benazir Aghosh Initiative:

This program for nourishing mothers and babies provides many facilities, including financial aid, vaccination, medical checkups, training, and many more. They can get this assistance until the baby’s age is 2 years. Here are the facilities and benefits provided by the program.

  • Money assistance at each visit and target.
  • Free of cost medicines and vaccination.
  • Proper Counselling Sessions at BHU and RHCs
  • Free home-based sessions to face postnatal behavioral changes.
  • Self-care training sessions by a professional team.

Cash Installments By Aghosh:

The Aghosh Program cash disbursement is done at different stages. You can get monetary rewards by completing targets before and after childbirth. You can get this cash through your HBL Konnect account. The details of these cash disbursements are as follows.

  • There are 4 visits during pregnancy; you will get 1000 Rs on each visit.
  • You will get 3000 Rs at the time of baby’s birth.
  • After birth, there are 8 visits for a child’s immunization, on which there is 1000 Rs cash grant on each visit.
  • There is a 2000 Rs cash grant on the baby’s birth certificate issuance.
  • So, there is a total of 17000 Rs cash assistance under this program.

Aghosh Scheme Eligibility Criteria:

Many people think registration before the birth of a baby is necessary, but it is not true. You can register at any stage, whether it is pregnancy or after childbirth. However, the program is only valid until the baby is of 24 month. In order to be considered for the program, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be pregnant or lactating mother.
  • You must have a valid identity card CNIC.
  • You must belong to the special districts targeted.
  • You should have a lower poverty score 40 or below.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program App:

Unfortunately, there is no app for the program. This is just a wrong idea spread on social media platforms that becomes common later on. There is no official aghosh app by the government. For registration, you should visit BHU, where you can receive assistance from a team of experts. Again, you do not need any app to apply for this program.

Ehsaas Aghosh Registration Form:

Online Registration form for the program is available at BHU, where you can register yourself for the program. You don’t need to fill the form by yourself. The staff will do this for you. The only thing you need is to provide your CNIC to the staff, and they will register you for the program. If the behaviour of any staff member is not cooperative, you can complaint against them at the complaint center.

Aghosh Program For Orphans:

Orphan children lack basic facilities because there is no one who can care about them. Aghosh Al Khidmat Foundation can help such orphans in term of every facility a child deserves. They also take responsibility for their education and medical treatment. Darul Pass program also helps orphan children in every regard. There are many sweet homes for such orphans throughout the country.

 Aghosh Program District List:

This program is valid only in 15 districts. If the pregnant or lactating women belong to one of these  districts, she is eligible to apply for aghosh initiative. The districts have been selected because there is lower nourishment and medical facilities in these districts as compared to others.

  1. Rajanpur.
  2. Khanewal.
  3. Kalat.
  4. Bagh.
  5. Upper Dir.
  6. Astor.
  7. Diamer
  8. Khyber.
  9. Badin
  10. Sorab.
  11. Dadu.
  12. Khurramang
  13. Lasbella.
  14. Hatian Bala.
  15. Islamabad Capital Territory

Helpline Number For Aghosh Nutrition Program:

If you are facing any problem regarding program or any staff member is mistreating you, you can complaint against them through Punjab Social Protection Authority Helpline number 1221. There will be serious action taken on your complaint, and all the issues will be resolved. You can also contact PHCIP through this email address [email protected].

Ehsaas Aghosh Tracking:

There is a complete tracking process for aghosh conditional cash program by 8171 ehsaas program. You can get cash at each visit during pregnancy and children’s immunizations. You can check your tracking for any initiative under the ehsaas program through the 8171 web portal. You have to use your ID card number to check your status online.

Important Instruction For Aghosh Prograam:

Please read all the instructions carefully before you apply for the program

  • All the beneficiaries are required to bring their CNIC with them.
  • If your card is assigned with your father’s name, it will not be acceptable.
  • Your CNIC should be assigned with your husband’s name to enroll in the program.
  • There are a total of four visits during pregnancy.
  • There are eight visits scheduled by for a child’s immunization.
  • You will get your cash only if you perform the visits and other activities.
  • Cash will be disbursed through HBL Konnect account.
  • Please take all the counseling sessions for your better. However, these sessions are not compulsory for cash assistance.


Yes, aghosh scheme is a government program launched by PSPA and PHCIP in collaboration. This program helps pregnant or lactating women in getting better care. They can receive up to 17000 Rs under this initiative.

If you want cash assistance through Aghosh scheme, you must complete all the visits during pregnancy and after childbirth. Cash is also disbursed at childbirth and after issuance of birth certificate.

You can get counseling sessions to understand caretaking and the importance of breastfeeding better. However, these sessions are optional to secure your cash aid.


Ehsaas Aghosh Scheme is the initiative to improve children’s growth and mother’s care. This program has set goals to provide financial assistance to families who can’t afford facilities and medical treatment for the mother and children. PSPA and PHCIP are expanding this program to help more families.

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