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Sila e Fun program Registration

sila e fun program

Artists provide a great role in the culture of a nation. As a Pakistani we have a great love for our artists because we are emotionally related to them. They have entertained us with their acting, comedy, singing, writing,  poetry, calligraphy, and many more. But these artists had to face financial insecurity in their old age.

These artists had no pension scheme in Pakistan previously. Bangladesh, india and other regional countries had launched these programs back in 1990s. Now, Pakistan has also done something great by launching Sila e Fun program under ehsaas program to help the elderly artists get social pension every month.

What is Sila e Fun program?

Silla e fun program, an unconditional cash transfer program, is an initiative that provides income security to the artists of Pakistan. Punjab Social Protection Authority(PSPA) has found that elder and differently abled artists are insecure about their income. So, the government has started this program with the help of PSPA to give monthly stipend of 5000 PKR to these artists as their reward.

Sila e Fun Program Online Registration 2023:

Sila-e-fun program is actually a reward for the artists who served Pakistan in their field for more than 25 years. Punjab Social Protection Authority has lessen the gap of economic and financial problems of these elderly artists. The program has been launched in 36 districts of Pakistan to provide financial aid to these artists.

sila e fun program registration online

Ehsaas Sila-e-Fun Program Check Online:

Ehsaas silla e fun program has been started throughout the 36 districts of Pakistan. According this program, if you are more than 50 years and served the country with your art, you can get 5000 Rs per month from the government. To check your eligibilty online, click on the button below.

Eligibility Criteria of Sila-e-Fun Program:

Any artist above 50 can apply for the program. In order to be eligible for the program, you must possess following eligibilty criteria:

  • Artist must be above 50 year age.
  • Artist have served for atleast 25 years.
  • Monthly income of an artist should be less than 15000 PKR.
  • Artists must belong to a specific district of Pakistan.
  • Artist should have a valid identity card.

Silla-e-Fun Program District List:

PSPA had conducted a survey in Punjab and found out that many elderly artists in 36 districts of Punjab are the victim of poverty. In order to help them financially, the program has been initiated in all 36 districts. Any artist in these districts, having eligibilty for the program can gst monthly stipend from the government. Ehsaas centers are also established in these districts to get cash or any other help.

Purpose Of Silla e Fun Program:

The silla e fun program was established with a noble aim of helping the needy artists financially. It provides dignified social assistance to these vulnerable artists. Improvment in their substances and reduction in dependecy only on their social network are also the objectives of this scheme. 

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According to PSPA, more than 2000 artists got monthly pension from this program. Any artist who peossess eligibilty for the program can get benefits from this scheme.

Follow this procedure to register for the program:

  • Visit the official website of PSPA.
  • Open Silla e fun program tab.
  • Enter your CNIC and other details.
  • That’s it. You are now registered.
  • Wait for confirmation message.

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