ehsaas humqadam program

Ehsaas Humqadam Program

ehsaas humqadam program

In Pakistan, only limited support is available for the differently abled ones, mainly on a one-time or yearly basis. Punjab Social Protection Authority PSPA has launched the Ehsaas Humqadam Program to cover this gap and provide monthly financial aid to these special persons. Let’s dig deeper into this matter.

What is Ehsaas Humqadam Program 2023:

Ehsaas Hum qadam program is an unconditional cash transfer (UCT) program launched by the government to provide financial assistance to persons with disabilities PWDs. These special persons often depend on others to fulfil the basic needs of life as most of them have no income source.

The program was initiated on December 03, 2022, the aim of the welfare of PWDs. Under this program, they can get PKR 2000 per month. Many people benefit from this program, which increases the number of beneficiaries yearly based on life verification and enrolments of new beneficiaries.

Ehsaas Hum Qadam Program Online Registration:

The Registration process for the Hamqadam program is open now, where you can apply for the monthly assistance of Rs 2000. The program is currently available in all the districts of Pakistan. Here is the thorough registration process that might be of use to you.

  • First, visit the official website of the humqadam program PSPA.
  • Search For Eligibility Check tab and check your eligibility for programs under PSPA.
  • Then, go to the Registration Form of the Hum qadam Program.
  • Provide all the required pieces of information.
  • Attach all the documents asked in the program.
  • Please submit your application and be on the lookout for a confirmation message concerning your selection.

Ehsaas Humqadam Program App Download:

The government has launched the application regarding the program. You can get this application from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Enrolling in the program is hassle-free via the mobile app. Registration becomes even easier through the mobile app. Get the Ehsaas Humkadam program app download link from the button given below.

PM Ehsaas Hum Qadam Program SMS code:

The government’s Ehsaas Hum qadam Program now offers an SMS-based verification system. You can assess your eligibility by texting 8123 with your ID card number. Remember to format your message as HQ (space) followed by your ID card number, and send it to 8123. You can easily check your eligibility and other details through this code.

Ehsaas Hum Qadam Program Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria ensure that only those who are deserving. You can determine your eligibility using the 8123 web portal of the program. The following criteria have been set for the eligibility of the program.

  • The Proxy Means Test or PMT score should be less than 30 in the survey by NSER.
  • A person should have an identity card or B-form issued by NADRA.

Punjab Hum Qadam Program 2023:

In Punjab, the government is helping disabled people with a new program. They will give Rs 2000 each month to those who need it. This help is not just for people with physical disabilities but also for those with diseases like CVA and other chronic diseases. The government wants to make sure everyone, no matter their condition, has some extra money to make their lives easier and better.

Ehsaas Hum Qadam Program

Humqadam Program Online Web Portal:

Most people need help accessing the online web portal of the Humkadam program. The solution for them is that they can access the government website, the Punjab Social Protection Authority website, to check their status. Moreover, if you want to visit the web portal for the ehsaas program, visit the 8171 web portal.

Main Objectives Of Humqadam Program:

The main objectives of the hum qadam program are the following:

To promote greater social inclusivity for PWDs in Punjab.
To enhance the livelihoods of persons with disabilities (PWDs).
To decrease the reliance of persons with disabilities (PWDs) on their social network


For any information regarding the hum qadam program, whether you are facing any error or need any help, you can contact the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA). The contact Number is 042 99 23 23 60.

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