ehsaas emergency cash program

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

ehsaas emergency cash program

Are you running out of money in this hard time? The Govt. Pakistan has launched Ehsaas emergency cash program registration. This program enables those people who are in a hard situation to get ehsaas emergency cash. The amount of Rs 14000 is provided through this program.

In these challenging times, numerous people in Pakistan find themselves struggling to make ends meet as prices soar to new heights. In response, the government has stepped in with an initiative to assist 1.2 million families, ensuring they get a better life.

What is Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program?

The PTI Government launched the Ehsas emergency cash program during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The primary purpose was to provide instant relief to the people. It helped a lot of families with emergency cash during the crisis.

In the second phase of the ehsaas cash program(which is present till now), financial aid of Rs 14000 is given to the beneficiaries. This support has proven to be a game changer for the lower segment of society. This program is like a ray of sunshine for them, truly making it a landmark initiative in the country’s history.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Registration:

Benazir emergency cash program has started the registration process for emergency cash. An amount of Rs. 14000 will be provided under the program to families who are low-income and also to vulnerable groups. The program has made use of digital technologies like biometric verification and online payment systems through mobile apps.

ehsaas emergency cash program registration

Required Documents:

While applying for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program 786, make sure that you possess the following documents:

  • A valid identity card.
  • A valid mobile number.
  • Home-based Information
  • Information about members of the family.
  • You must not have any criminal record.

How to apply for the Ehsaas Cash Program:

The application process for the Bisp Ehsaas cash program is not complex. You can apply it by using the ehsas emergency cash program app download and follow these simple steps.

  • First, send your 13-digit CNIC via SMS to 8171.
  • Make sure that your ID card is valid and renew it if needed
  • After sending your identity card number, you will receive a message confirming your eligibility.
  • To ensure your eligibility, first complete your survey at NSER survey.
  • You are not eligible if your CNIC record is not present in the database of the NSER survey.
  • You can complete your survey by clicking on this link. “NSER survey”

Eligibility Criteria:

Ehsas emergency cash program eligibility criteria ensure that only those can get financial support who deserve it. This is a positive step of the program. You can easily check your eligibility from below.


  • Low-income family
  • Daily wage earners
  • Widow(Bewaa)
  • Transgender(Khawjasara)

Not Eligible:

  • Criminal Recorded
  • A working husband or wife.
  • Tax Payers
  • Criminal Recorded
  • Govt. Employes

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You can get help from Saas emergency helpline number 0800-26477

Ehsaas amount can be received via bank accounts, ATMs, and mobile apps. The government of Pakistan has also made centres to get cash

There are now many scams regarding the ehsaas program. In this context, keep in mind that the government will send you an SMS with an 8171 portal number.

Last words:

In the end, Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program 2023 is an efficient way to help people experiencing poverty. It is doing a lot for the bread and butter of the lower end of society. Moreover, eligible people can instantly get their cash through ATMs, mobile apps, and ehsaas centres. So, if you are struggling with the hardships of poverty, check your eligibility with Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program check cnic number.

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